Loyalty of the clientele

Ease of use

Promote impulse buying

Refresh your communication remotely

Customer always aware of your news

Stay in touch and facilitate information to your customers

Benefits of our solution

You have : We offer you :
Visit card Communication only on your coordinates. If you change, you must redo them. Our card allows your customers to access:
- Your contact details, your products, your videos, your pdf and all your promotions (Fidelization).
- Be able to register in their contact lists
Website Your website does not work in 'Responsive' (not mobile compatible), and must update webmaster An easy update from our platform, compatible mobile, tablet and PC.
Social networks Free access for your communication but your client must find it on your social networks and your website. Your customers can easily access one click to all your social networks and website.
Your application - Very expensive (minimum 25 000 €), unprofitable-update mandatory webmaster.
- Little propability that your application is used over time.
No need for an application to install, just activate the NFC function on the mobile
Customer files, sends mail and SMS SPAM the client, bad image. Mandatory update of mobile numbers and emails. Respect of the client, of his private life, no files, no SPAM. Positive image of your communication.

5 solutions in one: Save time, money and visibility

Video presentation

How to use it

Supports available for NFC connected solution

  • Paper business card
  • PVC business card
  • Wooden business card, engraved or printed
  • Square magnet
  • Wooden USB key + box


There is a specific platform for the above mentioned product, for the common users to use it.

Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to have access to the platform.

1. Click on this link

2. Clicking the above link will take you directly to the platform.

3. Enter the Username and Password given below,

Username - Demo2018

Password - Demo2018

4. Here you will get a demonstration of our product.


Are you planning an event, do you which to communicate quickly and share your information with a simple gesture?

Feel free to contact us for more information about our products or for any other questions.

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