Why ?

Easy use of the platform
Translation of the menu in 103 languages ​​
Filtration of allergens, reassures the client
Facilitates the communication with the consumer
Facilitates the purchase of impulse, photo, video of dishes
Refresh your menu remotely

The solution :

  • Easy exchange and understanding with customers
  • No basic platform creation costs
  • Optional customization of stickers and menu platform
  • Visual NFC sticker read by mobile: Click here for an example

You have

Our solution

Your customer

With only a compatible NFC sticker on all the latest mobiles and stuck on your menus,
your customers will be able to access the translation of your dishes in their language,
by activating the NFC on their mobile and by putting it on on your sticker.

Benefits of our solution

You have today: We offer you:
Menu Menu printed in French and / or English Your menu translated into 103 languages ​​
Management of the standalone menu on your platform
Allergen filtration
Photos, video of your dishes
Understanding the menu Loss of time,
Translate and be understood by the customer
Facilitates the customer's understanding of the menu
Allergens Loss of time to respond to the customer's request and sometimes seek information from the kitchen, if the information is not clear the customer is not secure in his choice No explanation to give everything is mentioned Automatic filtering of the menu, allows the customer to be reassured of his choice
Competition Tablets, obligation to recharge them every day, risk of breakage, theft.
Costly purchase or rental of equipment
Paper menu, risk of staining.
If change of dish or tariff obligation of reprint
No refill to make, no breakage,
Water resistant, does not take up space, sticks on any medium except metal,
Remote update of menus, optional can be customized


There is a specific platform for the above mentioned product, for the common users to use it.

Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to have access to the platform.

1. Click on this link

2. Clicking the above link will take you directly to the platform.

3. Enter the Username and Password given below,

Username - Demo2018

Password - Demo2018

4. Here you will get a demonstration of our product.


Are you planning an event, do you which to communicate quickly and share your information with a simple gesture?

Feel free to contact us for more information about our products or for any other questions.

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